higherlander: That shot of you in red: Stunning. Just stunning. Lips, hair, curves, tattoo: it doesn't seem possible to pack that much beauty into one frame. Difficult to look at any one aspect; even harder to look away. Stunning.

Oh my god thank you so much! I don’t even know what to say, that’s too sweet. 

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As your girlfriend, I will make it my duty to turn you on at the most inappropriate of times.

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my fall look today is winged eyeliner, plum lipstick, and a look on my face like i’m fucking your boyfriend and can’t wait for you to find out.

My fall look is simple liner with bold lashes, burgundy lipstick, a gleam in my  eyes that let’s men know that I’ll suck their dick, their money out of their bank accounts, and the souls right out of their bodies.

this is my favorite post on tumblr currently

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currently obsessed with the music video for Anaconda. I need to do some butt exercises now 

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Daenerys Targaryen meme + (2/6) traits or emotions ► 500% done with your shit

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I am supposed to be in bed right now as I am trying to get on my bf’s schedule but fuck it sucks. He goes from awake to out cold in a matter of minutes and my horny ass is blind sided. A girl has neeeeeds. Family Guy and American dad until I pass out it is. 

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23 yr old female

body positive
sex positive
aspiring fashionista

Important Dates

August 5, 2013
Began dating my fiancé

January 7, 2014
Our first time meeting in person

June 29, 2014
Engaged to the most wonderful man I have ever met <3

August 10, 2014
Fiancé moves duty stations from Alaska to New York. Closer to me!

June 2015
Fiancé deploys for 8 months

May 29, 2016
Fiancé completes his time in service with the U.S. Army

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